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Dalia Binladin, managing director of SAE Institute Jeddah, visited Thamer International School to present its upcoming diploma courses. SAE Institute is the world’s largest technical media school and teaches vocational media education, in fields such as digital animation, audio engineering, film and TV production,game design and Development and Multimedia studies. SAE has more than 50 campuses in over 30 countries and was established in Australia in 1976. The institute is present in 5 continents offering diplomas and short courses certified through the international headquarters in Oxford, United Kingdom. 

News & Announcements

Thirteen students have scored big in the Cambridge International Examinations, with top marks in various subjects in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and globally. The students sat for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and AS and A2 examinations at Thamer International School. Mohammed Ayman and Mustafa Amr Nazeih were the top students globally in mathematics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Yasmin Ashraf and Toka Tarek were the top students in Saudi Arabia for business studies and mathematics.

News & Announcements

The winners have been selected from more than 250 students from age 12 to 16. The winners of this year's competition were adjudged in three different categories: Five winners of "Artistic Excellence," 10 winners of the "Artistic Creativity" and 44 awarded as "The Future Artist." Safeyah Binzagr, a veteran Saudi artist, owner of Darat Safeya Binzagr and the organizer of the contest told Arab New that unfortunately all of the participants come from either private or international schools.

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Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Vice Chairperson Lama Al-Sulaiman presented the awards to secondary school students who performed well in the exams in May and June 2010. Thamer International School (TIS) and Al-Wadi International School continued to maintain a world ranking thanks to their students’ performance in the CIE. TIS had 11 top students in the list of outstanding Cambridge learner awards. 

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